01 February

How Did The Month Of Slowing Down Go?

How Did The Month of Slowing Down Go?


I am Joel Usick, the recent addition to the Pastoral Team. I came on board last month and will continue to serve in this way for the next 16 months. My wife, Heidi and I, began our journey together in marriage in

August of 2016. I am currently studying at Horizon to achieve a degree in Pastoral Leadership.


As I am beginning my first formal pastoral role, I have loads of excitement and energy to get my hands dirty in all different areas in ministry. With this excitement, there can be a tendency to become obsessed with getting things done. I know this is not unique to church ministry.


During January, all regularly scheduled programs took a break. The hope behind pausing programs for a month was to allow the staff and congregation to have a chance to slow down. Take a minute to assess yourself. Did you take a moment to pause? When you usually would have been going to a program at the church, what did you do with that spare time? When was the last time you let yourself be idle?


If you’re anything like me, chances are that you take almost all the time you have and fill it with something. Whether one of your children have a break between sports, you took a Friday off at work, or a STAT holiday comes up, our tendency in western society is to find something to fill that hole in the schedule.


In many old buildings there can be problems with bats. Bats find dark, warm places to hide in the late summer and fall to hibernate for the winter. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a bat in your home, you know exactly how urgently you feel you need to fix the problem. So, you go to the hardware store and pick up some expandable foam and you go to work. Any and every little hole you see from the exterior, you fill full of foam.


Sometimes we treat our time the same way. We see that there’s openings and we think we must fill them. Although it is unadvisable to leave holes in your house, I think it is an excellent practice to leave holes in your schedule. Things like family, friends, hobbies, and your spiritual life can be neglected because we feel that there is never time.


Each and every one of us have the same amount of time in each day. We must take ownership of what we do with that time. Honestly, in the month of January, I felt that I had wasted my time with being busy. Time and time again, we see in scripture that Jesus took time to retreat and enjoy fellowship with His friends and alone time with His Father. I identified my lack of discipline and decided to wake up earlier each morning in order to spend more time slowing down and more time in communion with my heavenly Father. This practice has radically changed how busy I feel and also sets my priorities straight for the day. If you love busyness, I encourage you to change something in your daily routine to allow yourself to spend time with God, our Heavenly Father.



Pastor Joel Usick


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