01 June

"Only One Life" There are no re-dos.

I am convinced that one of the basic lessons we need to learn early in our “one shot” at life is to pay it forward.  We store up those treasures in heaven by  living generously.

Over the last week I heard some stories of how radical, spirited generosity has begun to take over our hearts.

There was the lady who saw a gentleman at the grocery store. It was obvious he was not well off. He was being very careful and selective about the food he was putting in his grocery part. His clothes were old and tattered. That lady, from our church, felt the Holy Spirit telling her to pay for his groceries. She told the clerk at the till that she would pay his bill and she did. As much as we do it unto the least we do it unto the Lord. Jesus was pleased.

Our kids got into radical, spirited generosity as well. Sunday morning on Generosity Weekend our children gave what they had. Here are just a couple of
pictures of the envelopes to prove it.

At Saturday Church three children presented $155 as their Generosity Weekend Offering. They had run a Lemonade Stand all day and brought all the
proceeds from the stand to present to Jesus at church Saturday evening. That’s
radical, spirited generosity that invites great grace into our individual lives and
into our church. Dad and Mom opened up a window of blessing for their children by encouraging this big act of grace.

It’s “The Have Principle.” We give out of what we have. When we learn to
give willingly from what we have we are beginning to excel at generosity, and when we leave this earth we will be able depart joyfully because we didn’t live for down here.


                                                                                     ...Pastor John Drisner