01 September

Three Important Questions

After enjoying an exceptional Saskatchewan summer, The Neighbourhood Church is again ramping up for a year of growth and influence. We do this because we believe that the work of the church is critical to the health of our culture.

Because we believe this let me ask you three “important” questions.

How important is your ministry TO YOU?

You were created by God with a unique personality, distinctive gifts, and a remarkable set of passions. He didn’t make you that way so people would say nice things about you. God made you that way so you could make a difference with your life. God’s purpose for you may be to be the grandmother to the little boy at Awana who has no Gramma. The Holy Spirit didn’t give you that remarkable smile to hide in the sanctuary. Greeting people at the door of our church may be why He gave you that smile. You need to use what God has given you to honour Him. How important is that to you?

How important is your ministry TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD CHURCH?

Your contribution is huge. What would happen if Shannon Signarowski and David Stewartdidn’t prepare communion for us here at Pinehouse location? What happens if

Lana Olson doesn’t prepare it for us in Martensville? What would happen if our guests had no one to watch their little ones in the nursery or teach their children during service? Every ministry contributes in a BIG way to the welfare and effectiveness of our church. Your ministry matters to us. We can’t do what we do, the way we should do it, without you.

How important is your ministry TO THE LORD?

He is the one who gave you your ministry. Your job is to manage what He has given you. Just as our pastoral team blesses the Lord when they serve well, every member of our church honours Christ when they do what they can. The gifts you have are not an accident. Your ministry is important to HIM. Your gifts are what makes great things happen.

September 16 and 17 is RECONNECT WEEKEND at The Neighbourhood Church.

Get connected. Get involved. Visit the “VOLUNTEER HERE” table and find a place to use

your abilities. Visit the “NEIGHBOURHOOD GROUPS” table and join a group where you will meet people and make some great new friends.

This really matters -this is important!

....... Pastor John