Neighbourhood Network

What is the Neighbourhood Network?

The Neighbourhood Network is smaller groups of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, connect with others, share special interests, support and challenge each other to mature in faith. There are different types of groups so you can find just the right "fit" for that place in your life right now.

Groups meet in homes, at church, public places, or wherever there is room! They are the best place to meet people and build relationships at The Neighbourhood Church.

In life we go through "real" issues that are difficult to bear alone. A REAL Neighbourhood Group offers a place to share and receive the support to help one another through!

The Bible is relevant to all areas of our lives. Neighbourhood Groups can talk about a variety of stimulating topics while seeking godly wisdom from the Scriptures. Enjoy asking good questions and seeking answers in a RELEVANT Neighbourhood Group.

Getting together with others who love common interests is part of the social needs God created us to enjoy. RELATIONAL Neighbourhood Groups focus on fellowship and activities with like-minded friends.

For more information on the locations and how to get in contact with the Neighbourhood Group leaders contact Rob Johnston, the Neighbourhood Network Co-ordinator at:


Men's Bible study - Thursdays - 7:30pm - Prayer Room - Leader: Des Guenther

Men’s Floor Hockey - Mondays - 9:00pm - Gym - Leader: Des Guenther

Men’s Life Group - Wednesdays - 7:00pm - Leader: Tom Laughren


Tuesday Mornings - Tuesdays - 9:15am - Café - Leaders: Pastor Donna Drisner, Carol Pohl, Carolyn Williamson & Julie Clare - A time of discussion, study & prayer time designed for women of all ages. Will be studying the book, "A Confident Heart" by Renee Swope. Childcare provided for preschool aged children.

Women’s Life Group 1- Wednesdays - 7:00pm - Leader: Audrey Laughren

Sister Life - Monthly (Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 29 & May 27) - 6:00pm - Upstairs - Leader: Pastor Yasmin Chick

Young Adults

Young Adults Ministry - Third Sunday of Every Month - Leader: Pastor Ethan Andrews - Contact Pastor Ethan to learn more about upcoming weeknight events.


Love & Respect Group 1 - Sundays - 7:00pm - Leaders: Keith & Laurie Mennie

Love & Respect Group 2 - Sundays - 7:00pm - Leaders: Murray & Lynette Wall


Family Group 1 - Thursdays (every other week) - 6:30pm - Leader: JC Morin - For families with school aged children

Family Group 2 - Thursdays - 6:30pm - Leader: Luke Truitt - For families with school aged children

Family Group 3 - Sundays - 6:00pm - Leader: Bob Wrench - Family friendly group - Will be discussing Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Over 50

50+: Building deeper relationships to strengthen & encourage one another! - Monthly - Leaders: Tom & Audrey Laughren - This group meets once a month for different activities including things like potlucks, concerts, and mini-golf. See bulletin for our next event.


Divorce Care - Thursdays - 7:00pm - Leader: Jodi Bryant and Bev Nobel - For those that are separated or divorced and hurting.

Grief Share - Mondays - 7:00pm - Café - Leader: Gloria Wasylkowski - For those that are grieving the loss of someone.

For anyone

Alpha - Tuesdays - 6:30pm - Café - Leader: Pastor Murdoch Macfarlane - This 12-week course is a great way to introduce anyone to the basics of the Christian faith.

Biblical Life Principles - Wednesdays - 6:45pm - Sanctuary - Leader: Pastor Gordon Mochar - Will be discussing the topic “Living in the last days and God’s Agenda”.

Martensville - Thursdays - 7:00pm - Leaders: Rick Kennedy and Rolly Syrenne - Will be going through the Louis Gigilo Series

Life Principles to Live By - Tuesdays (every other week) - 7:00pm - Leader: Don & Sharron Schoenfeld

Community Involvement Group - Alternate Thursdays 5:30 - 8pm at the Bridge on 20th. Leader: Shannon Signarowski. This group will be serving supper at the Bridge and then joining a study there.

BiblePlus - Sundays - 9:45am - Café - Leader: Pastor Bob Williamson