Neighbourhood Groups


Neighbourhood Groups are smaller groups of people who meet regularly to study the Bible, connect with others, share special interests, support and challenge each other to mature in faith. There are different types of groups so you can find just the right "fit" for that place in your life right now.

Groups meet in homes, at church, public places, or wherever there is room! They are the best place to meet people and build relationships at The Neighbourhood Church. In life, we go through "real" issues that are difficult to bear alone. A REAL Neighbourhood Group offers a place to share and receive the support to help one another through!

The Bible is relevant to all areas of our lives. Neighbourhood Groups can talk about a variety of stimulating topics while seeking godly wisdom from the Scriptures. Enjoy asking good questions and seeking answers in a RELEVANT Neighbourhood Group. Getting together with others who love common interests is part of the social needs God created us to enjoy. RELATIONAL Neighbourhood Groups focus on fellowship and activities with like-minded friends. 

For more information on the locations and how to get in contact with the Neighbourhood Group leaders contact Pastor Barry Berglund.