Our Leadership

Pastors John & Donna Drisner

John & Donna have been providing leadership to The Neighbourhood Church since April of 2002. The church has enjoyed healthy growth since that time.  Pastor John brought to our church a conviction that we all look best when we are loving and serving one another, that prayer makes a difference in the life of a church, and that the Bible is full of truths that can bring meaning and joy to everyone's life.  He shares practical, applicable teachings with The Neighbourhood family when they come together each weekend.  He ends every Sunday morning service with the reminder that "We have had church.  Now the important stuff begins.  Let's go be the church".  Donna is active in ministry to the ladies of our church family.  Her energy and humour bring a life of its own to The Neighbourhood Church.  Our church feels like a safe place because of the gentle and prayerful guidance we receive from Pastor John and Donna.

The Drisner family includes three adults sons, two great daughters-in-law (they both attend The Neighbourhood Church), three energetic grandsons, and a beautiful granddaughter.