Our Leadership

Pastor Payge Fehr

Payge has now completed her degree at Horizon College and Seminary to become a Children's Pastor. Payge is passionate about kids and has been with kids ever since she was 3, after the birth of her first cousin. Payge first attended church with her mom, Pastor Yasmin Chick, and ever since she stepped foot into children's ministry, there has been no way to get her out. ​

Payge loves working with and speaking the Word into the lives of children. Other than her love for kids, she loves to act and play music, which she has been doing in the church, even before doing her internship here in 2015/16. Payge has loved being a part of The Neighbourhood ever since she stepped foot into the church and is so happy to now be on staff as the Children's Ministry Assistant. If you have kids, Payge is probably best friends with them, because she loves kids and wants to connect with them. ​

Payge married Dale Fehr, her partner in life & ministry on May 26, 2017.  Payge and Dale met while on the music team at our Martensville venue 3 years ago, and discovered a mutual passion for children's ministry and the Word.